Derkovits Gyula Primary School


Our school, which is easy to reach from Szűrcsapó or Bem József Street too, started in 1968 as the first modern school on the first building estate in Szombathely. As a result of ROP tender our staff could get new energy because the infrastructure of the school was renewed so they could start to realize the “Competence-based teaching, equal access – in innovative institution” program. It is a guarantee for the content reform and the commitment to qualitative education and teaching. Beside the permanent reform we also emphasize the mediation of the traditional moral and pedagogical values.

Emphasized values: physical and psychical health and adaptable knowledge

These are based on
1. the advanced PE lessons
2. the language classes
3. the highlighted IT classes
4. the outstanding educational work and
5. the daycare system.

Our goal is that our pupils can apply the previously acquired knowledge connected to the subjects and the project of “Young manager” or “The key to Success” in their everyday life and to become a successful and balanced adult.

What do we do for that?

1. We give profound basis. Writing, reading and Maths are taught in extra lessons. Reading is taught with syllabic method.
2. We give extra knowledge. We inspire entrepreneurship. We have different updated programs which enable our pupils to manage their way in the immediate environment, stand for their interest and realize their goals. (subjects like self-knowledge, accurate use of the websites, administration, problem solving, consumer protection, common courtesies, business knowledge, etc.)
3. We give applicable knowledge. First year pupils can also take part in German, English and IT lessons and they can expand their knowledge year by year. Special German classes have been efficient for many years. We have a partnership school in Kohfidisch, by the help of which we can have a communication based teaching.
4. We regard health as a highlighted value. Pupils have PE teachers in the lower classes too, who pay attention to age specialities and develop their bodies accordingly. This gives a ground to the results achieved in national competitions. Each first year pupil can learn to swim, participate in ballgames, like football, handball, volleyball. Fencing and dance are also very popular. Our pupils have been regarded as the most successful sportsmen in the county in student Olympics for decades.
5. Pupils can learn and do their homework in the daycare. They are looked after and helped continuously. Beside compulsory work they have time to walk and play, to develop their talent and do some free time activities. Each class is a separate daycare team. The daycare finishes at 4 pm, but the school provides supervision till 4.30pm (in the morning from 6.45)
6. Pupils who can adapt the material slower are helped by special education teachers. Talented pupils can take part in study circles.
7. Due to the high standard work of our subject teachers and steady requirements our pupils perform very well in the national measurements and in the high schools. They usually continue their studies in special language groups.
8. Pupils can show their talent in drawing, poem telling, singing and dancing too.
9. Familiarity with the hometown, local history and traditions are all part of our everyday work.

Our school prepares the pupils for the successful life by teaching entrepreneur skills, frequent using of IT tools and communicative language teaching. We run the Quality Management System, which was accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Traditional values are also important, like affectionate and balanced atmosphere, meaningful subject teaching and physical and psychical health.

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